Spousal Support Attorney

What is a Spousal Support Attorney?

While we never go into a marriage hoping to get a divorce, it’s an unavoidable fact that statistics for couple separation are going up.  This is a trend we’ve watched for a few decades now, and there are many reasons for it.  Part of it is that they are more accessible than ever, which is a great thing.

As we go into the legal proceedings that come with something like this, it’s good to remember that there is nothing to be ashamed of.  In fact, plenty of couples have an amicable parting, which is where a spousal support attorney comes into play.  

Reasons for Divorce

Unsurprisingly, there are a lot of potential reasons that people decide to end their marriage.  Let’s cover a few of them, so you know what to watch for and what you’re getting into as you start the process.  Perhaps the most significant and most omnipresent issue that spans even into our other relationships is miscommunications.

If you have issues with communication in a partnership, it is, unfortunately, a recipe for disaster.  Unfortunately, most problems that arise can be traced back to this.  It is critical that we learn how our partners prefer to be talked to and apply that as much as we can.

If that isn’t possible, and you disagree too much, it may be time to separate.  This does not have to be an explosive affair.  Just remember that transparency, openness, and honesty are the best policies to have in any relationship.

The next two reasons are a bit more specific.  Sometimes, we just fall out of love with someone.  It’s not always because someone new enters our lives, but that is sometimes the case.  When we fall out of love, we might also stop seeking intimacy.  As you can imagine, this creates a wedge between partners quite often.

On that note, something that could cause emotional fatigue with a relationship is not feeling like an equal to your significant other.  You might find yourself feeling alone even when they are with you.  You’re supposed to tackle things as a team – so if you aren’t, it can certainly cause some issues.

The final things I’ll touch upon here are more serious, so if you are triggered by some sensitive topics regarding spousal abuse, you might want to skip to the next section.  These circumstances do not fall into the category of an amicable separation.  If your partner is physically or emotionally abusive, it is time to find a way to get help.

Domestic violence is a serious topic, so if you need support, go to this page: https://www.domesticshelters.org/.  On a slightly lighter note, if your partner is cheating on you, it can often be grounds for a divorce as well.  So, once you’ve made the decision, how do you proceed?

What is a Spousal Support Attorney? 1The Process

If you’re not familiar with legal processes, it’s easy to feel like you are drowning in a never-ending sea of paperwork.  One of the biggest stressors is cost, of course.  That’s why spousal support might come into the equation.

Most of us have heard of child support, and spousal support is similar in several ways.  There are differences in how it is determined based on what state you live in, though.  For example, in Ohio, some of what goes into the decision is the ability of one party to pay the other.

If you’re worried about how you’ll live after a divorce, I can’t blame you.  In some cases, it can feel like the world is ending – and to some extent, it is.  The world that you lived in as a couple is over.  It’s okay to struggle with that.

You can find spousal support attorneys to assist you with the process of getting one of these orders if you are not comfortable doing it all by yourself.  Something that you should remember is that gender is not considered for this.  So, don’t be afraid to seek it if you are not the gender traditionally associated with needing help.

With the help of a lawyer, you might be able to start receiving payments while the divorce is still pending.  The amount you receive during this period can differ from the final amount that a court determines is acceptable, but it can still be a huge help.  Getting assistance is something to look for, especially if the terms of your separation are not overly friendly.

Law is complicated.  Most of us don’t fully understand it.  The process of getting spousal support payments is a bit complex since there are lots of provisions to keep in mind and contingencies set in place if payments aren’t being made.  Having someone able to advise you through the process and guide you through it is a good way to ensure success.

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