DUI in Tennessee

What You Should Know About DUI in Tennessee?

If you have a license to drive a car, then you know how much of a responsibility it is to drive it from one place to another. You should always obey the traffic rules and regulations to avoid any accidents or fines. But, not everyone is a responsible driver.

For example, millions of people drive under the influence. They always think that they can get away with it, but most of them get caught. This can put at risk millions of lives because no one is capable of staying focused and clear-headed while being drunk. That’s why you should avoid such problems for you and your family.

Of course, there are penalties if you get caught by a police officer or, even worse, if you go into an accident. But, you can always get a lawyer that will try their best to minimize or altogether drop the charges. Here are some other things you should know about driving under the influence in Tennessee.

What happens with a first DUI offense?

Every state has a particular set of laws that must be followed by every single citizen in it. The penalties for driving under the influence differ in different countries. If you live in Tennessee and you have been caught by a police officer while driving drunk, then you can get a mandatory jail time of 48 hours. But, it can go up to 11 months and 29 days with additional costs and fines. Don’t be surprised if you lose your license for a year too.

DUI Offence

After your first offense, you should make it a practice not to drive under the influence ever again. Instead, you should get a taxi, an uber, or a designated driver to take you home. If you get caught again, and you already have a record, the consequences are more severe. Click on the link to discover more information about the topic https://www.judnichlaw.com/10-tips-avoid-driving-drunk/.

 What happens with a second DUI offense?

As for the second offense, you can end up spending 45 days in jail. Let’s face it, having to sleep and eat in prison is no picnic. You will definitely have the worst time there, but it’s for a reason. If you get caught driving drunk again, you should know what that entails.

As mentioned above, you will have to pay fines and additional costs to the court, which will probably put you in prison for a whole year. You will definitely lose your license for 2 years, and you’ll be obliged to do community service.

What to do when you are pulled over?

Let’s say that a police officer stops your car so that you can provide license and registration. If the officer notices that you are in an intoxicating state, they can start asking you some questions. One of those questions might be how many drinks you’ve had. In a situation like this, you can use the Fifth Amendment right that protects you from self-incrimination. You don’t have to answer the question. Read more on this page.

Moreover, you have the right to remain silent. If you are afraid that you might slip something that will get you into more trouble, it is best to stay silent and wait for your attorney. The police officer can take you to a police station where you would be interrogated once more. Remember, you don’t have to say anything before your lawyer comes.

If you don’t have one, they will provide you with one. But, you can always ask for help from your family to find you a legitimated and licensed lawyer that will speak on your behalf and try to reduce the penalty. It’s a smart idea to have a lawyer as a backup after your first offense of driving under the influence.

Why a lawyer is an excellent idea?

Your lawyer, as mentioned above, will speak on your behalf. You’ll have legal representation that will defend you in court if it comes to that. They can also request bail so that the whole thing doesn’t go to court. Either way, when you are in a messy situation, you should always reach out to a licensed attorney that will fight for your case.

Before you hire one, make sure to do some research, or have someone do that for you if you are in jail. Don’t hire the first option that pops online. Plus, it is better to hire local DUI lawyers if you are from Tennessee. Plus, plenty of lawyers offer a free consultation that always works to your advantage. They know every trick in the book because they are experienced individuals. If you didn’t like them before, you’d love yours now.

An attorney can make sure you don’t end up paying as many fines or spend a year in prison, which is amazing. They can interrupt the police officers, which will try to crack you to reveal more than you should.

A few final words

Even if a lawyer wins your case and reduces the penalty, you should still be careful from then on. You have already witnessed what’s in stake, so make sure never to drive drunk again. Always get a taxi or an Uber to take you home if you don’t have anyone else to drive you. Your life and the lives of others are at stake if you end up driving under the influence again. 

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