Resignation Letter Format with full process of resignation and PDF

Resignation Letter Format & Complete Process With PDF

Resignation letter format, Resignation letter Sample, Process of Resignation with PDF and Docs format is discussed here. This resignation letter form can be used to resign a Job or employment. You can modify this sample format of resignation letter according to your requirements.

So, You have informed your Manager and HR of your decision to quit the job. The only thing that remained now is submitting a resignation letter.

You resignation letter is a new step to start everything fresh as I think. For people it can be anything individually. A resignation letter is an official document which you need to submit to your manager or the responsible authority.

Why resignation letter is important?

To maintain a healthy relationship with the company and colleagues, you need to leave a positive impact on them. A resignation letter is an official way to communicate your feelings to them.

Even in the cases, when you are not happy with your job and you are frustrated with it, the positivizes you will show them through the resignation letter will pave for a smooth transition.

The days from resignation date to the last working day in the company is important and we hope that you will cover from this smoothly.

How to write a resignation letter?

We have provided the resignation letter format with pdf below but yet we would love to advice you on how to write a resignation letter. Please follow the following piece of advice while writing a resignation letter –

  1. Don’t use sugar coated sentences
  2. State the position you are resigning from with effective date of resignation
  3. Keep it simple and straight
  4. No need to be more creative unless you are sending it to most of your friends and you have did an amazing job while you were in position.
  5. Thanks everybody including seniors, friends, colleagues and co-workers
  6. Wrap the resignation letter with some sentences stating the smooth wrap up of duties and assisting with the transition process.

Do’s and Don’ts need to follow with resignation letter

Resignation Letter Do’s

  1. Professionally and gracefully resign from your parent company
  2. Follow the notice period timings and give them a prior notice accordingly
  3. Resignation letter should be submitted to immediate reporting manager
  4. Maintain a good relationship with your co-workers and leave on good terms
  5. Before leaving make the transition period easy and smooth

Resignation Letter Format Don’ts

  1. Don’t make any opinions about the management and colleagues that diminish their character
  2. Don’t break any bridges, bringing up old issues or creating new scenes
  3. Make sure not to write and send digital letter other than office systems
  4. Don’t make false promises, advice your colleagues on best what you can
  5. Avoid taking leaves during your notice period

Suggested Resignation Letter Format

Regd Ad/UPC/By Hand
To, Date
M/s———————–(name of the employer with his address)

Sub: Resignation from services.

I am working on the post of ———————–, since————————-on the monthly salary of Rs————————–. I do not wish to work with your organization due to my person reasons/ due to joining of new employment (give the reason) any more with your organization, hence I have decided to resign from the services with immediate effect. The notice period if any applicable be waived off or this resignation be accepted after the notice period under intimation to me.

Please release all my dues of employment with a certificate of experience with your organization at the earliest. I am also submitting all the property in my possession and request you to clear my accounts at the earliest. Please order for the release of all my service benefits and relieve me from my post.

I wish to thank you for allowing me to work with your organization.

Thanking you,


Contact number

Download Resignation Letter PDF and Docs Format

  1. Resignation Letter PDF Format
  2. Resignation Letter Docs Format

Have a look at the other formats

If you have any query or suggestions about the resignation process and resignation letter sample then leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Thanks Legal help club, for providing an amazing Resignation letter format and complete process to go with it. I was working In Infosys. Now I have left Infosys and joined TCS.

    The whole experience was amazing. I found a lot of friends and supportive seniors.

    I really appreciate your effort to write this resignation letter post. And one more thing thanks for providing the PDF of resignation letter sample format.

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