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How much is my house worth? Property Valuation

How much is my house worth? How can you determine the market rate of your home? Property valuation methods, all these are covered here. It will help you to get an estimated value of your home or property in India, UK and USA.

For a independent and unbiased estimation of a home’s market value, it is very important to get a appraisal for you home. We have already defined the home appraisal process step by step in our last article.

Comparing your home with the recently sold properties in your area will help you to get a proper answer to the question of how much is your house worth?

How much is my house worth?

Compare your home with the recent sold properties, Fix all the things which can boost your home’s appraisal value and find a good agent to get in touch of most of the buyers.

You should also list your home on different property sell and buy sites with proper description and these details –

  1. How much is your house old?
  2. No of bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and other things
  3. Locality near to you
  4. Schools, College and Park in your area
  5. Electricity and Water Supply
  6. Type of house like an apartment
  7. No of floors
  8. Floor or House no which you are willing to sell
  9. Pictures of all the area of the house
  10. Picture of the locality

If you put these details, it will help you to sell your house very easily because every good house buyer looks for these details.

We have provided the special format for your house and home selling demands.

  1. Money receipt format for property sale, house rent
  2. Possession Letter of a Property suggested format
  3. Lease deed format for residential property
  4. Earnest Money receipt format for a property

If you have any query or suggestions then do comment below.

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