Buying Generic Drugs Legally

Buying Generic Drugs Legally

The pharmaceutical industry is experiencing expansion like never before. Innovations in science and technology have made it possible to come up with new drugs and treatments. Some incurable diseases are now successfully treated or with minimal consequences.

In drug production, good marketing and promotion play a significant role. Pharmaceutical brands are fighting for their piece of market cake in a variety of ways. High competitiveness in the niche is good for customers. It means that companies should keep a certain price level to attract buyers and stay competitive.

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Many factors form drug prices. Besides the composition, there are packaging, branding, and product marketing. For patients, the package and brand name are not as important as the drug’s effectiveness. That is why the manufacturers decided to offer them generic versions of medicines.

Generics Are Not Copies

Generics have the same ingredients, action, and all other features as branded drugs. They have a lower price because manufacturers don’t have the costs of developing a new medicine. Companies use existing products, so there are no costs of marketing and promotion. In other words, they sell already established drugs.

There is another reason why pharmaceutical brand are selling generic. When a company first develops a drug, it patents it for a certain number of years. During that period, only this company has the exclusive right to produce and distribute that medication. When a patent expires, any competing business can start making it under a different name.

In order not to lose the absolute right to produce the drug, the developer company applies for permission to produce and sell a generic version of that drug. Other pharmaceutical brands can do the same. This product won’t have a brand name but a generic one. That is usually the names of its active ingredient.

Quality of Generic Drugs is out of Question

The fact that these products are cheaper doesn’t mean that they are of poor quality or illegal. Reputable pharmaceutical companies stand behind generics. They must comply with regulations and standards prescribed by the relevant institutions (in this case, the FDA). 

The quality and efficacy of the generic version must not differ from the original drugs. These products must have all active ingredients used in brand-name medicines, in the same quantity and measure.

Generics’ administration is the same as with branded drugs. The possible side effects are the same too. What can be different are the shape, color, and combination of inactive ingredients. Find out the purpose of inactive ingredients in medicines at this link.

People with knowledge of these products prefer to buy generics because of financial savings. For example, those who suffer from sleep disorders and have trouble staying awake, conscious, and focused, need Provigil. This branded remedy is quite expensive. 

The generic and much cheaper version of this medication can be found on the market as modafinil. You can also get it over-the-counter. That’s one way of legal purchase if this drug is approved for use in your country. Modafinil is also known to be a very effective nootropic, but that’s its off-label use.

Nootropics as Subject of Many Discussions

If there is a drug that has attracted attention and caused controversy over recent years, it is modafinil or Provigil, by its brand name. When it first appeared on the market, at the beginning of the nineties, it was a conventional treatment for sleep and behavioral disorders. Even today, modafinil is a successful remedy for ADHD, sleep problems, insomnia, Alzheimer’s, etc.

This substance has a strong potential as a cognitive enhancer. Its off-label use is noticed in healthy people, who need a little mental boost. Many call modafinil a brain doping because it helps this organ to use more of its potential.

Still, don’t think that modafinil is a miracle pill that will make you Megamind. But every kind of help will do. The capacity of the human brain is not used enough. In fact, an average person uses less than 10% of its potential for doing everyday activities. 

It’s possible to increase this utilization, but its limits are still under research. You must know one thing when using nootropics – these drugs don’t make you smarter. So, a few modafinil pills won’t increase your IQ. This substance makes you use your brain more rationally and be more focused on work tasks.

How Modafinil Works?

If you’ve ever been pressed for deadlines or had too little time to complete a project, you’ve probably thought of ‘shortcuts’ to help you get the job done. In times when you lack motivation and ambition, nootropics can be helpful. Modafinil, as a generic version of Provigil, can be your ally if you use it wisely.

This substance rationalizes your work performance. In healthy individuals, modafinil prolongs the period of wakefulness. It also boosts motivation and improves cognitive functions. This substance has been proven to act on dopamine and norepinephrine. These neurotransmitters modulate cognitive functions.

Dopamine improves your power of perceiving, but also the level of interest in work tasks. The effect of norepinephrine reflects the ability to stay awake and focused. Modafinil also affects glutamate, a brain chemical necessary for the learning process.

Taking modafinil allows you to be productive all the time of alertness, which may take up to 12 hours. During this period, your entire focus will be on work or study tasks, with no side disturbance. Also, you won’t feel sudden fatigue or lack of concentration. The possibility of modafinil abuse is minimal. After cutting it, you won’t have any crises.

Legal Aspects of Buying Generic Drugs

Legal aspects should not worry you if you want to buy and use any generic drugs. By law, these products are of the same quality, equally safe and effective as brand-name drugs. They don’t contain any hidden and potentially dangerous ingredients, because they are of the same composition as commercial drugs.

Research shows that most prescription drugs are actually generics. That brings significant savings to patients, as some medications are up to 80% cheaper than their branded versions. Of course, no one forbids you to buy a drug with a trademark if it gives you more security. But if doctors believe generics, why wouldn’t you?

You can buy generic drugs legally at any pharmacy, and there is also the option of ordering online. If you have a prescription, the procedure is quite simple. If you want to buy an over-the-counter medication without a prescription, there are no legal obstacles to that if approved for use in your country. But if the modafinil laws are not clear, it can be tricky to order this drug and use it as a nootropic.

Tips on Buying Modafinil Legally

Many pharmaceutical companies have been waiting for the Provigil patent to expire. Since 2007, this sought-after drug has been available for generic production. Many brands launched dozens of generic versions of this medication under different names. 

With so many choices, it can be challenging for buyers to know which modafinil is generic, and which one is a cheap copy. Especially people who have never used modafinil must be well-informed, in order not to waste money on fake products. Taking counterfeits of poor quality might be dangerous. 

In a brick-and-mortar pharmacy, you can always ask a pharmacist anything you are interested in. When you have a prescription, they know which drug to give you. But what if you want to get modafinil online? How to know which one and where to buy?

Online Purchase

The online buying of generic drugs is legal. This type of sale is convenient and discreet. The problem with internet purchases can be a large number of online scams and fake products. It would help if you informed about who has a permit to make generics, how their package should look, and which websites are safe for online shopping.

The first step is to find a trusted online store. Many pharmacies have authorized online sales and licenses that prove the legality of their business. They shouldn’t sell generic medications of poor quality or copies. 

Before buying, be sure to check if the online pharmacy has a physical store or any contact information or address. Look for the experiences of other users, or contact customer support if you have any doubts. The lack of these options indicates a potential fraud.

In most cases, you can recognize scammers by meager prices of drugs they sell. These prices are way lower than any generics. Always check who makes these products. Don’t buy them if no reputable pharmaceutical companies stand behind them.

Check Ingredients

The active ingredient is what makes the remedy useful in treating a particular disease. You should find this information on drug composition before the online purchase. For example, in the generic version of Provigil, pay attention to the amount of amphetamine or any other psychoactive elements. Modafinil shouldn’t contain any of these. 

See how to spot a fake medication in this link:

When a medication has an unknown ingredient, you can’t know how it will work for you. If you can’t find information about how a particular drug interacts with medicines you are taking (if any), don’t buy it. Unapproved treatments can cause dangerous side effects or severe health problems.

People who take some medicine for years got used to paying a certain price for it. Cheap generic drugs can confuse them. They probably think these are copies of poor quality or illegal products. But that’s not the case. Generics represent an excellent, safe, and budget-friendly method of taking prescribed therapy.

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